Great idea: good business!

Do you have a great idea but you don't know
how to translate it in a good business?

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Do you have a great idea but you don't know how to translate it in a good business?

Our experience to plan your business

Business Maker Europe is attuned to young people and their innovative ideas. For a 20 year old it’s not easy, alone, go through the tough and insidious way to the entrepreneurial success.

Our experience to identity financiers

We are able to directly participate, or if the situation makes it necessary, we can involve also big investors in order to reach huge budgets.

Our experience to create “the new company”

We have seen ideas that have changed the live of mankind and destiny of some young people as well… But at the same time we’ve seen brilliant ideas fail due to wrong strategies.

We are at your side in realizing good ideas

The world is changing and like for the digital age advent, now it’s the ideas-time. "Eco-sustainability", but that’s not all: it’s time for ideas able to improve the quality of life.

Is coming

next, many

exciting surprises

and services

We’re ready to launch our Lex4Safe package subscription, a first series of low-cost services aimed at improving the quality life of European families, starting in this first phase from the Italian ones. It is a package of legal, out-of-court, subscription-based and very inexpensive services. The package is called "Lex4Safe" and will be marketed exclusively online at a dedicated site. But from then on the surprises will be many...

Enrico Lazzari

BME, modernity, innovation and ideas to win the challenge with the markets

Created by business managers or entrepreneurs with decades of experience in various fields: legal, marketing and communication, advertising in many branches, public relationship, election campaign managing and so on. Business Maker Europe in placed on the market looking around at 360 degrees. Ethics blended with modernity and innovation.

Are you sure you're making the best of the web’s potential?

Not important if you manage a small craft shop or a big automotive industry, if you are no table to take vantage of the develop opportunities that web is offering you risk to loose the match against the market.

Does your company look attractive, really modern and cool?

As Known, the corporate image and its way to sell it, is crucial because from it depends the customers first impression. Nowadays, in the appearance-age where the image goes beyond essence, its weight is primary.

Are you sure that is not time for the company's optimization?

It seems impossible but it's happening, many companies are operating day by day without proper strategies. A Huge cost in term of waste but, above all, a huge risk if we’re looking at the future.

Are you sure that you’re using an effective communication?

A well studied communication, where each message is synergistic with the other and focused to a precise goal is the basis for the success in every activity, product or service aimed to the market.

Why can happened that an amazing product can't’ be successful in the market?

To can state the success of a product, its excellent quality alone it isn't enough itself. The consumer must perceive it in each detail he observes and in every messages he receives and feels.

...and day by day, step by step, so many new services to can grow…

Marketing is a universe in constant evolution. Keeping up with the times means taking advantage of every opportunity that the context offers us. It is impossible to recline without compromising the future.

Lexflix: the "flat" lawyer that everyone can afford!

“Flat” legal service: 21,99€

"Lexflix", will soon be subscribable online limitated to the jurisdiction of the Italian courts and subsequently of the other EU countries, gives access to all legal services in the out-of-court sphere: FREE for advice ones, legal counsel, analysis and opinion; with the 90% of discount on the “Italian average fee” for the others.

...Available online by Home!

The first "law firm" exclusively online. Any kind of extrajudicial request (out-of-court), civil or criminal matters, accessible simply from a PC or smartphone without moving from home.

Ethics and Quality: our dogma!

Business Maker Europe is new company founded with the precise aim to offer innovative service to SMES and selected services to the end-user, often quite different among them but blended by a common item: improving the quality of life.

Business Maker Europe after Covid is on the way: market debut on 23 May 2022

The Phase - let's call it "pre-start" - namely the fine tuning of the offer and the structures necessary to provide it in the best way will end within 23 May 2022. This date will be "the date" to save as kick off of the business.